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An idea of who's behind the logo.

Hello, I am Red, like the color - and that’s kind of my opening line.

For formality purposes I am a clairaudient, clairsentient Spiritual Advisor & Energy Healer. I was gifted with Mediumship... Some people pursue Mediumship, Mediumship pursued me, the more I denied my abilities, the more my head hurt. My beliefs and readings are all very grounded. Some are a moon child, star child, sun child, etc... I am a child of the Earth. I have not been reading very long like many other readers, I however have been practicing energy work all my life without even knowing. I rely solely on intuition and opening the channel for communication during my readings to interrupt the tools, as I use Tarot and Oracle cards as well as Runes and a Pendulum if it so seems necessary. Divination has a special place in my heart and always will, the ability to connect and communicate with the Divine energies amongst us is the foundation for my healing work. Understanding the flow of energy, vibrations, their different frequencies and how to channel and utilize it has allowed me to become the healer and protector for those around me that I’ve always dreamed of being. My goal in doing healing work is to help other create the best version of themselves and practice mindful behaviors. Often times in the shuffles of life we forget that we are 3 parts to a whole person - mind, body, and spirit. Reminding people of that and providing them with the tools needed for readily available healing work that can be done on your own and most importantly when you have time in your hectic schedule is what I aim to accomplish. As a mother of 4 who is raising 5, I am well aware of the restrictions a busy life can put on your healing journey. My children were my initial motivation to seek a path to find my highest self. Healing childhood traumas of my own and finding different ways to regulate my emotions has really helped me be the best mother I can. Finding balance between being a Mother, Wife, Office Manager for my Husband’s business, Healer, and friend has been a long path and there doesn’t seem to be an end insight. Some days I find myself depleted and defeated by the end of a busy day and I will lay under some charging grounding crystals, say some empowering affirmations and try to recharge. Reading others has also very much become a part of my personal healing journey. Every reading I do is a learning experience. I get to learn how life feels through the energy of others, how people connect with those around them. This provides me with a much broader perspective of how others go through their days.There are a few readings I’ve  done that have truly shaped me into who I am today. I am not healed, I am always healing - I have healed from things but I will never be healed because things happen every day that I am to overcome. I am no master, I am forever a student, I will never tell anyone they are wrong. From my perspective, we are all seeing life from a different angle. Hearing and feeling the call of the universe in our own vibration, the way you understand. Being gifted the opportunities to learn so much of how others see life is truly something I will never be able to fulfill my gratitude for. Before I quite typing about myself, if you’ve made it this far, I have one request! Bring every negative ugly emotion you’ve got to our session, we can not work through them without them!! Blessings.


I call upon thee to grant to me the power of the Elements. 
The versatility of Water to accept the things I can not change.
The courage of Fire to change the things I can.
The wisdom of Air to know the difference.
And the strength of the Earth to walk my path with pride.

An Earth Child's Prayer


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